The best cupcakes you'll ever have in your life.

Sold by the dozen.


Sweet and moist Madagascar vanilla bean cake with a light and delicious Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream frosting.



Moist and decadent chocolate cake with a sweet chocolaty buttercream frosting.



Moist and sweet strawberry cake with a delicious vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with a sweet strawberry half.



Sweet and tangy lemon cake topped with a delicious and aromatic lemon buttercream.


Blue Velvet

Sweet and moist blue velvet cake with a light and delicious cream cheese frosting.


Red Velvet

Sweet and moist red velvet cake with a light and delicious cream cheese frosting.



Light and fluffy coconut cake topped with a sweet and delicious coconut buttercream garnished with toasted coconut flakes.


Salted Caramel

Sweet and moist caramel cake with a delicious caramel buttercream frosting sprinkled with sea salt.


Banana Pudding

Light and sweet banana cake filled with a banana filling topped with a banana buttercream and garnished with Nilla wafer cookie crumbs and tiny cookie.


Cookie Butter

Sweet and moist cookie butter cake with a light and delicious cookie butter buttercream frosting.


Strawberry Funnel Cake

Delicious vanilla cinnamon cake topped with a vanilla cinnamon buttercream garnished with a fluffy piece of funnel cake, strawberry glaze and showered in powdered sugar.


Chicken and Waffles

Moist vanilla maple cake topped with a maple buttercream garnished with a red velvet waffle piece, and a savory piece of fried chicken with a shot of maple syrup.



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